Lecture 12: Time Allowed for Tanker Cargo Operations - Laytime Part 3

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Ever wondered what is Tanker Laytime? (Time Allowed for Tanker Cargo Operations).Have you ever solved any tanker laytime problems?

In this video, we'll try to highlight the following topic:
  • (1:46) What is the difference between dry cargo and tanker laytime?
  • (2:30) Laytime allowed
  • (3:38) When does the laytime commence on tankers?
  • (5:13) What are the interruptions in tanker laytime?
  • (7:10) Question: Tanker laytime problem.
  • (8:49) Statement of Facts
  • (11:15) Additional Clauses
  • (13:01) Laytime calculation for load port
  • (14:54) Laytime calculation for the discharge port
  • (17:48) Calculation of demurrage

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