Chartering 101

Chartering 101


The purpose of this chartering 101 lecture series is to provide an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of ship chartering in dry cargo and tanker shipping segments. Lecture slides include the procedures and strategies for chartering merchant ships in the dry cargo and tanker segments, their commercial use in various forms of chartering and the detailed calculation of voyage planning and laytime estimations. The chartering 101  offers an in-depth study of different type of chartering and adopts a legal and commercial viewpoint for interpreting critical clauses and describing various technical terminology in ship chartering. This also analyzes the market structure of the dry cargo and tanker industries and offers an overview of the professionals involved (brokers, operators, charterers) as well as the data and knowledge sources required to initiate, discuss, conclude, execute and assess an effective charter contract on the dry bulk and tanker segments.

What do I learn from Chartering 101 ?

The Chartering 101 focuses on the two segments for chartering ships, dry cargo and tanker shipping. After this candidates will be able to do the following:

• Understand the key players and processes associated with the freight market and chartering practices.

• Understand the key clauses in time and voyage charterparties.

• Analyze the terms and conditions of charter contracts, their respective duties and responsibilities.

Calculate the freight income and ship chartering expenses.

• Calculate laytime given a set of relevant data.

• Understand the concept of voyage estimate and how to calculate it.

•Understand the technical terminology, abbreviations and notation used in chartering.

•Clear Institue of chartered shipbroker UK  exams. (Especially Dry Cargo Chartering and Tanker Chartering.)

What are you waiting for? Let's get into it, shall we?

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