Legal Terms used in Shipping

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Lecture 4: Ever wondered what are the Legal Terms used in Shipping? Do you know the difference between condition and warranties? What are shipowner and charters implied terms?

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
  • (1:55) What are “conditions”?
  • (2:40) What are “warranties”?
  • (3:15) What are the examples of “conditions”?
  • (3:50) What are the examples of “warranties”?
  • (5:45) What is frustration?
  • (7:13) Case study on Super Servant Two
  • (9:02) What are implied terms?
  • (10:56) What is Equitable Set-Off?
  • (12:37) What is a Letter of Protest?
  • (14:33) What is berth Charter party?
  • (16:19) What is a port Charter party?

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