Lecture 14:How to clear the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers exams?

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What are the Tips and tricks to clear the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers UK exams? Ever wondered how to clear the tanker and dry cargo chartering papers under Professional Qualifying Examination?

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
  • (1:20) What is the Institute of chartered shipbrokers UK(ICS)?
  • (1:57) What is Professional qualifying examination (PQE)?
  • (3:00) Subjects under the ICS UK?
  • (3:48) What are the tips for the exam?
  • (10:05) Examination details.
  • (11:05) What are Tips and trick to solve Ship Drawing?
  • (11:54) How do you explain the World map?
  • (12:41) How do you explain oceanic currents?
  • (13:19) How do you explain the weather pattern?
  • (14:38) Mention ship dimensions.
  • (15:31) Go through past papers.
  • (18:14) Why go through examiners report?

Understanding keywords: https://www.ics.org.uk/exams-/tips-and-techniques/understanding-keywords

If you need any help or advice you may email at enquiries@ics.org.uk

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