Lecture 2: How Ship is fixed for a Voyage?

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Lecture 2: Ever wondered how is ship fixed for a voyage? How does the chartering process look like? How does the pre fixture negotiation happen between ship owners and charterer?

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
  • (1:26) What is the chartering process?
    • Fixture Negotiation and finalization, Charter party negotiation and finalization, Post Fixture operations, Financial settlement
  • (3:44) What is a charterer enquiry/quote?
  • (4:56) What is a position from shipowner?
  • (6:04) What are the rules in Negotiation?
    • (7:34) What are offers and counteroffer by principles?
    • (9:13) How negotiation takes place in pre fixtures?
    • (15:24) What is the content of a firm offer in a voyage charter?
    • (17:44) What is the content of a firm offer in a time charter?
    • (21:00) What are subject? How is a ship put on the subject?
    • (23:42) Summary

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